Trier University Law School LLM Scholarship

In recognition of the close relationship between the Law School and Trier University Law School in Germany, the Law School is delighted to offer an automatic scholarship to all Trier LLM.


  • Applicants from all LLM courses are eligible.
  • Applicants will only qualify for one automatic scholarship/tuition fee bursary. This does not apply to discretionary scholarships such as the Academic Excellence Scholarship and therefore automatic scholarships may be supplemented with discretionary ones in appropriate cases.

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50% of LLM fees.  In addition, LLM applicants holding the recognised “FFA” qualification will automatically be granted 20 credits as “accredited prior learning” (APL)NB:  For clarity – marks awarded from the FFA will not be used or count towards the LLM degree in terms of aggregation and will not therefore be counted into the total average.


All eligible candidates to whom the School have made an offer will automatically qualify for 50% of LLM tuition fee reduction.